JOEL PAYNE ASSOCIATES is a legal search firm whose focus is on lateral partner placement, groups, and mergers. We have provided recruiting services to National, Regional and Local law firms since 1996, while the majority of the legal search firms prefer to work on a retainer we at Joel Payne Associates prefer to work on a contingency fee schedule, in other words you don’t pay until we find the right match.
Contingency search gives us the flexibility to manage our workload by allowing us to focus on realistic and exciting assignments, at the best firms, who have a clear path and record of growth.
We strive to work with clients and candidates who are motivated, passionate about what they do and who bring real value and focus to a law firm.
We are not an employment agency and as such our fee structure reflects a higher level of service and professionalism than an employment agency.  

What we don’t do is:

  • Run newspaper ads.
  • Post to Job Boards.
  • Send unsolicited resumes.

What we will provide is:

  • Candidate profiles.
  • CV/Resumes/bio’s.
  • We never submit a candidate unless we have their prior approval.
  • We actively participate in the vetting process.
  • We arrange interviews.
  • We help the client and candidate with their respective due diligence.
  • We insist upon a high degree of confidentiality.
  • We never imply we represent a firm.
  • We are always available.
  • Recruiters who are knowledgeable, professional and service motivated.

We pledge to serve our clients and candidates with respect, confidentiality, professionalism and urgency.